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Mayoralty And Madness

May 25, 2010
Massad Ayoob

It is abundantly clear to anyone who looks at the evidence that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is truly, genuinely obsessed with banning firearms. He has expressed frustration of late with the prevailing prediction from all sides that the soon-to-come US Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago will reverse his beloved handgun ban, and has promised to find a way around such a decision. (Interesting…an elected leader who promises to find a way to contravene what will be established as law by the highest court in the land.)

In a recent press conference, Mayor Daley – never noted for being either articulate or self-controlled – picked up a gun that was on display as a prop and babbled about shoving it up the rectum of a reporter who asked him an innocent question. Read about it HERE, in the words of that reporter himself.

The story continues …..

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