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How Codex Disinformation Works

May 23, 2010

There are many who claim that Codex Alimentarius is about “consumer protection”, or that it is “voluntary”, or that it is a downright “urban legend” or “hoax”. None of these claims comes anywhere near the truth. Dr. Laibow has analysed 16,000 pages of Codex Alimentarius documentation, and her analysis is that none of these claims are true.

Codex, once fully implemented, represents tremendous financial wealth for a few multinational corporations, most notably companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

These corporations have immense propaganda machines, already in place, hawking dangerous and sometimes deadly drugs, creating the illusion that nutrients are dangerous, the illusion that drugs are the only means to health, the illusion that genetically modified food are good for people, and the illusion that pesticides are safe.

Because Codex Alimentarius represents wealth to these corporations, they are using their skill and influence in the media to create an elegantly crafted, and totally false image of Codex Alimentarius as “consumer protection” so that the truth about Codex Alimentarius wont be known.

They can’t control the Internet however.

The story continues …..

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