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Anti-Gun ObamaPet Nominated to the Supreme Court

May 19, 2010

— The nomination IS stoppable IF Americans let their voices be heard

The next justice of the Supreme Court could well cast the deciding vote on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. And that justice will almost certainly preside, during the next thirty years, over dozens of cases which could very well chip away at the DC v. Heller decision, telling us which gun laws the court views as “constitutional” and which “unconstitutional.”

So it is more than a little interesting that Barack Qbama has reached into his closet of political leftists to bring out Elena Kagan — a woman whose legal views have been shaped by the most extreme socialist voices in Washington.

Kagan doesn’t have a record of judicial opinions. She hasn’t been a judge. So the crafty Obama figures that, without a paper trail, we won’t know of the ways she is moving American jurisprudence to the left until it’s too late.

But Kagan’s views on the Second Amendment are no mystery. According to columnist James Oliphant, Kagan was part of “a small group of staffers work[ing] behind the scenes to pursue an aggressive policy agenda” during President Bill Clinton’s second term.

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    May 19, 2010 1:08 pm

    Lets assume Kagan on the Supreme Court, will be the deciding vote upholding ObamaCare—what happens then?

    How will Obama and his socialist comrades in U.S. Government pay for Obamacare? Most States and Americans don’t have the money to pay for either his socialist health care or mandated health insurance? Millions of Americans could not afford both mandated health insurance and their home mortgage. States would largely have to raise State income taxes on residents to comply with Obama health care mandates: how would state residents injured financially by this recession/depression pay higher state income taxes? If States largely raise state and other taxes to comply with Obamacare there could be widespread Citizen revolt.

    It has been alleged that Kagan has expressed disapproval of Gun Shows. Many conservatives believe leftists are against gun shows because they oppose guns and private ownership of guns. While that is true to some extent, many leftists want to shutdown gun shows because the events promulgate “individual rights” the citizen’s right to own guns—contrary to Centralized Government supported by leftists, wherein the State has control over the individual. Leftists also view gun ownership rights a mainstay issue that brings together on a grassroots level, conservatives, independents and some leftists to politically oppose not just anti-gun laws but leftist causes: leftists’ intend to destroy those political grassroots organizations by making private gun ownership illegal or so difficult via strict regulations, gun ownership will be discouraged, causing to eliminate grassroots gun right political organizations.

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