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Nevada Joins 18 Other States in Lawsuit against Health Care Reform Law

May 17, 2010

Gov. Jim Gibbons says Nevada has officially joined at least 18 other states in a lawsuit challenging the federal health reform law.

In a statement Friday, the first-term Republican governor says an amended lawsuit adding Nevada as a plaintiff was filed Friday in Florida.

Gibbons has been an outspoken critic of the law signed in March by President Barack Obama. He and others claim it is unconstitutional because it would force people to buy health insurance or face penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. He also says it would increase Nevada’s Medicaid costs by $575 million.

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    May 18, 2010 3:04 am

    The high costs of Obama forced health insurance on the middle class will disqualify many home buyers from getting mortgages. Qualified home buyers are needed to support housing values that now secure $Trillions in bank held mortgages.

    What was the point of taxpayers bailing out the banks if Obama had intended all along undermining most homes values by forcing unaffordable health insurance costs on Americans that would both disqualify home buyers and make it impossible for millions of current homeowners to pay both their mortgage payment and forced annual health insurance premium. Dropping home selling prices are already causing local governments to collect less property tax to layoffs government employees. CA and other States are raising state income taxes to make up lost taxes. Obama’s economic polices will bankrupt both state governments and the Feds.

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