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Palin drops the other shoe

May 16, 2010
Alan Keyes

If Sarah Palin was authentically committed to the restoration of political integrity Tea Party people long for, she would be calling for Steele’s resignation, not trying to use her popularity to shield him. I’m sure my words will merit shushing and the usual rotten tomatoes from people once again determined to hand the RINO GOP leadership another triumph of hope over experience. Do Sarah Palin’s supporters want people to treat her the way the Obama’s media claque treats him? Are we to be mesmerized by her words, but by no means analyze her actions? This kind of mentality herded people into supporting the betrayal of conservatism that characterized the locust eaten years of the Bush faction’s preeminence. It’s what created the void that Obama stepped into. The last thing America needs is more of the same, sweetened with a change of gender.

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