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Obama’s Natural-Born Useful Idiots

May 12, 2010
JB Williams

For people who don’t like and don’t care what the US Constitution says, it doesn’t matter whether or not Barack Obama meets eligibility requirements for the office he currently holds. Obots, who regard the Constitution as an outdated useless piece of paper that should be burned, and our republic as nothing more than a democracy of mob rule by iron fist, see Obama’s eligibility as a laughing matter.

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  1. May 13, 2010 1:04 am

    J.B. Not sure if I understood “Obot” right but for the record it was Bush that became annoyed at the concern expressed regarding the decision of his Vietnamese Layer regarding Presidential authority. He said at different times “what is the fuss the Constitution is just a piece of paper” When told he could not have the money for his war because this Nation was about to go into Bankruptcy (and we thought it was an exaggeration), Bush answered “then let it go into bankruptcy it will come out I want that money” And “This is a hard job and it sure would be easier if were a dictator” And it was Bush that said, regarding the Guard he was calling up and using over and over “so what they volunteered for the job”

    Now, after what happened it all falls into place, same people wanted the country to just go into bankruptcy. Bush who had sobered up by then decided best to soften the blow with some help.

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