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Americans In The Crosshairs

May 12, 2010
Greg Evensen

Who sank the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico? It doesn’t matter, now the flow of oil is in the hands of the communists in Washington.

Who set the jackals loose in Arizona to try to derail the much needed state protecting legislation to find and deport illegals in their midst? Could it be the rogue Catholic clergy or La Raza, or perhaps the Democratic Party Socialists and their counterparts in Mexico? It doesn’t matter, ACLU and SPLC communist agitators will tie up the legislation for years while Washington encourages the continuing illegal invasion, and mocks the Arizona lawmakers, victim ranchers, and local taxpayers.

It is Arizona and American workers who have been “forced to pay” for illegal health care, education, college, welfare benefits, and social security checks for illegal aliens INELIGIBLE for these funds but as we all know, who are getting them anyway while other deserving Americans, many of them struggling veterans, are told absolutely not. You don’t “deserve” them.

Veterans who don’t deserve them over illegal border crashers? Who decided that one? I guess the vets aren’t a loud or vulgar enough political group to warrant favorable potential democratic registered voter attention in D.C.

The story continues …..

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  1. Dubodyday permalink
    May 29, 2010 12:15 pm

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