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Five Myths About Illegal Immigration From US Government

May 10, 2010
Frosty Wooldridge

In a whopping “Pinocchio’s nose grows longer than a football field” essay, the Washington Post published a piece by former INS commissioner Doris Meissner, currently a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. She wrote: “5 myths about immigration” 5/9/2010. Also published by the Denver Post.

Once again, ‘experts’ of the U.S. Government fail, and fail miserably, to engage the American public with integrity, honesty and service to American citizens.

“Despite the fact that we are a nation of immigrants,” said Meissner, “immigration continues to be one of America’s most contentious topics. The new law in Arizona authorizing police to arrest individuals who cannot show documents proving that they are in the country legally has set off a fresh bout of acrimony. But as in the past, much of the debate is founded on mythology.”

Reality check: Americans do not question LEGAL immigration although it proves more methodical at 1.5 million annually and more disastrous as it drives this nation toward adding 100 million people within 25 years. Americans resent ILLEGAL immigration. Meissner stands “up and away” from reality by making such an egregious statement.


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