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A Reasoned Moment From An Arizona Perspective

May 3, 2010
Frosty Wooldridge

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens marched in America’s streets for their ‘rights’ last week after the signing of Arizona’s SB 1070. They screamed about the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews and about America becoming a police state.

Emotions, rhetoric and balderdash! No one can advocate for continued anarchy. No country can survive lawlessness or an unending line of illegal aliens invading its borders. Arizona’s new law mirrors federal statutes. The only difference: our president and Congress refused to enforce our laws for the past 30 years. Arizonans tire of rapes, drunken driving deaths, murders, drug cartels, kidnappings, 57,000 cars thefts annually, burden of medical care and anchor babies, schools overwhelmed and bursting prisons.

The story continues …..

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