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Obama lawyers want more secrecy at White House

May 2, 2010
Bob Unruh

The federal government is arguing that previous court rulings applying the Freedom of Information Act to records such as the visitor logs at the White House are incorrect, and President Obama’s administration should be allowed to withhold from the public the information it chooses.

A new government brief filed in a court dispute over the records argues, instead, that people with questions about who visits the White House should go to the White House website and ask for the information, and if the president agrees, it could be released.

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  1. Warren Ogren permalink
    May 2, 2010 1:04 pm

    Kick every damned one of the bastards out, right up to the in the usurper in the Oval Office.

    Some of our “Representatives” are Americans working for the good of this nation, but we need a clean slate.

    As the Cardinal said to his troops during the Inquisition when one of his leutenants came to him saying “what shall we do at this next village? There are many good Catholics living there.” The Cardinal answered, “Kill them all. God will sort out his own”

    So it evidently must be with our Congress.

    Warren Ogren

  2. Ross Wolf permalink
    May 2, 2010 10:48 am

    The White House belongs to the American People. The People have the right to know whom Obama is inviting to the White House, for instance the Communists, the Terrorist and other undesirables we have learned Obama already welcomed there. Who Obama invites to the White House gives the People insight into the mental mindset of a President that does not represent American values nor most Americans, and provides a hint what we might expect in the future from this corrupt President and his administration.

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