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A Rebirth of Liberty, or a Neocon on a White Horse?

April 16, 2010
Charles G. Mills

Liberals see powerful centralized government as a way to achieve what they think is good. Neocons, although they disagree on what constitutes the good, share this view. Conservatives, in contrast, see powerful centralized government as a problem rather than a means to a solution.

Liberals, in complete control of the American government, are heading for disaster. They have virtually destroyed our foreign policy. They are piling up deficits several times as large as the excessive deficit of last year. They promote policies that may well lead to the loss of the AAA rating of U. S. Treasury bonds and notes. They are inviting double digit inflation. They are growing the size of government and shrinking the size of private enterprise. They are encouraging all kinds of unspeakable immorality. They are putting us at greater risk of attacks by terrorists. They are destroying our medical system. These actions can only end in a disaster; when they do, the country will turn either to conservatives or neocons.

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