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Ron Paul and the Presidency – It’s Closer than the Media thinks

April 8, 2010

Doug Wead


“Control the coinage and the courts, the rabble can have the rest.” – The Princess Irulan in Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Last week was a good week for the so-called “constitutional wing” of the Republican Party, those indomitable Ron Paul people. Okay, sure, the next presidential election is a long way off but a recent snapshot taken by pollsters shows a surprising opening for the Texas congressman, the man who says that the Federal Reserve should be audited. The general public is moving toward Ron Paul, even if most of them don’t even know who he is.

The story continues …..

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  1. Petes Farm permalink
    April 8, 2010 5:39 pm

    We have had enuf of change, enuf of this BS/JA MSM, all these GPS’es-Gov’t Pieces of Shit-look where we r now-the Keyan Office of BLOWING billions of fiat FRN’s that indebt us further to the CFR, FRB- JFK warned us Aboot secret societies & they ahve been hard at work implimenting the destruction of Our Guaranty of a Republican Form

    Remember Herr residunce bush lying aboot freedom, of the democracy, lies to a war that the Nobel Peace Changling has spread to more Moslem Countries, the drone murders, WMD USed against Moslems that are fighting almost bare handed compared to the Rules of Engagement-OVERKILL by the MILLIONS of Innocent PEOPLE. This is NOT the Founders Intent of Liberty, FTG

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