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CONCERNING: Lt. Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

April 6, 2010
JB Williams
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I had hoped that this ACTION ALERT would not become necessary, but it has.

Earlier today, I released an update on Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III and the status of his arrest in Monroe County Tennessee. –

I was told by COUNTY MAYOR J. Allan Watson and a Sheriff’s Department officer who identified himself as Sgt. Spencer, that Mr. Fitzpatrick had declined food and water since last Thursday April 1st when he was arrested, and that he would be released from custody before 5:00 PM today.

Moments ago I spoke with Sgt. Lynn of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and was advised that Mr. Fitzpatrick has still not been released and won’t be tonight – that there is NO Sgt. Spencer at that Department – that he has NOT been arraigned after five days of confinement with NO visitors allowed, and that Mr. Fitzpatrick has still not taken food or water since last Thursday.

We need YOU to call immediately!

Demand immediate justice for Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III – No American citizen can be detained for five days without visitors, food or water, and without being formally charged and arraigned. This is insanity…

Call immediately and keep calling until Mr. Fitzpatrick is released…

COUNTY MAYOR J. Allan Watson – (423) 442-3981
Monroe County Sheriff Dept. – 423-442-3911
DISTRICT ATTORNEY GENERAL – Steve Bebb – (423) 744-2830
Madisonville Chief of Police – Greg Breeden – 423-442-2268
Judge Carrol Ross – 423-744-2835

Let FREEDOM ring!

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  1. Leon Benner permalink
    April 6, 2010 5:54 pm

    I call and they said he was released today, tuesday 8th april,i would like to know what the charges were, Leon Benner

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