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The Political Unemployment Scam!

April 5, 2010
Gary D. Barnett

As Obama once again this past week took to the airwaves upon his seemingly permanent throne, he boasted mightily of his job-creating prowess. Of course in real terms, all that was said was little more than braggadocios pomp, but when has that ever stopped a politician from spewing nonsense.

Anyone who pays attention fully understands that most all government figures are either false due to outright incompetence or simply lies put forth in order to fool the people. In the case of unemployment, both of these factors are evident. Without going into detail as to the unemployment report for March, a report with very mixed data to say the least, let’s look at just one factor; temporary census hires. I want to concentrate on the overall effect of census hiring, and over a period of time, not just the 48,000 hired in March.

The story continues …..

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