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A case for revolution

April 1, 2010
Klaus Rohrich

Following the Democrats’ undemocratic passage of Obamacare, a number of Americans decided to take their anger and disappointment to the next level. Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republican, received threats, had office windows broken and one Republican even had a bullet fired through his window.

Never failing to grasp an opportunity for political gain, no matter how tenuous, Democrat functionaries blamed Republicans and their “shadowy right wing supporters” for all the violence, despite the fact that members of both sides were on the receiving end. And like a trained poodle, House Minority Leader John Boehner condemned the violence.

“I know many Americans are angry over this healthcare bill, and that Washington Democrats just aren’t listening. But, as I’ve said, violence and threats are unacceptable,” Boehner said. “That’s not the American way. “

[Ed. note ~ Obviously Mr. Boehner is as ignorant of “American” history as his progressive comrades in the District of Criminals (DC). Sometimes, Mr. Boehner, Americans are forced to throw down the gauntlet, as did Patrick Henry!!]

The story continues …..

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