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Illegal Immigrants / Census / Wash Post / $ 25 million

April 1, 2010
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See Below. Wash Post gives hints how the US Census seems to be focused to assist ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS get counted. Even 1/5 of their funding ( another $25 Million dollars to assist illegal immigrants ) specifically for those who speak Spanish ONLY. Humm, who do you think this is. And Obama WILL tr to use this information for AMNESTY.

Remember Obama has already forced the USA to raise its Debt limit to an all time record high level ( No doubt to pay for the 12-20 million Illegal Immigrants and later their 30-40 million family members )

Step 2, Obamacare to force ALL US Citizens to pay for ALL their medical needs. Obama neede to do this BEFORE Amnesty because if the general public would have understood the Additional countless billions added to pay for them, would have certainly killed Obamacare.

Note the “CODE WORDS” in the Washington Post Below. “Fears” of calling Illegal Immigrants , “Illegal Immigrants” which they are. And its hurting ALL Americans. So, why would Obama give Amnesty which will clearly hurt ALL Americans ? He thinks he can give away green cards and expect “Drones” of uneducated illegals who will simply vote Democrat in exchange for Billions in US tax paid benefits and a gree card. Its like the Lottery to them. OUR US tax paid benefits pays more then they would ever earn in Mexico. Mexicos second largest income is money sent from the US to Mexico by Illegal Immigrants. The US greatest over all loss of US taxes are the countless programs to support illegal immigrants, taxes to support groups that help illegal immigrants and the crimes by those illegally in the USA. ALL related to the crime of Illegal Immigration.

Hispanics new ( IE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS )to U.S. more likely to return census forms than those who are native born, survey shows.

Discussion Policy
By Carol Morello
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, April 1, 2010; 12:09 AM

Recent Hispanic ( IE Illegal Immigrants ) immigrants are more likely to return their census questionnaires than Hispanics born in the United States, according to a new study that suggests a census campaign targeting Spanish speakers has been wildly successful. ( IE Illegal Immigrants )

A telephone survey of about 1,000 people conducted in the third week of March by the Pew Hispanic Center also found that foreign-born Hispanics ( IE Illegal Immigrants ) are less skeptical that their census information will remain confidential.

Major Hispanic organizations have said there is widespread fear that census data will be shared with immigration authorities, and they have stressed the confidentiality ( IF THEY ARE NOT ILLEGALLY IN THE USA, WHY DO THEY STRESS THAT ITS CONFIDENTIAL ) of the census in a campaign called “Ya es hora. ¡Hagase contar!” or “It’s time to be counted.”

Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, declared himself “giddy” about the survey’s results.

“It shows the work we have been doing has had an impact,” he said of the effort that enlisted newscasters, entertainers and other prominent Latinos to spread the message that Hispanics should send in their forms regardless of their legal status. “It shows that this population understands what we need do as a community to move forward, to be counted and to be heard.”

But, ironically, the survey suggests that the message did not get through so readily to U.S.-born Hispanics. While 91 percent of the foreign-born ( Illegal Immigrants ) said they had returned their census forms or would do so soon, only 78 percent of the U.S.-born said they would participate. Both figures would be an improvement over the last census, when just 69 percent of Hispanic households mailed in their forms

Hispanics are the largest ethnic ( illegal immigrant ) group in the United States, as well as the fastest growing. About 35 million were counted in the 2000 Census, and they were estimated to number 47 million by 2008, or 15 percent of the population.

This year, the Census Bureau mailed bilingual forms to neighborhoods with a large Hispanic presence ( The ONLY group of “Foreign written forms are in SPANISH. Because those crossing the Southern Borders are the ONLY group of people who want the US to change from English to THEIR FOREIGN Language ).. It also spent more than $25 million, about one-fifth of its total advertising budget, for Spanish-language media.

The sharp focus on messages in Spanish may have created the disparity in how recent immigrants and natives regard the census.

Maria Teresa Kumar, executive director of Voto Latino, said that recent immigrants ( Illegal Immigrants ) are the main consumers of Spanish-language programs aired on Univision and Telemundo, which introduced a census-taker as a character in its top-rated telenovela.. Generations born in the United States tend to prefer English-language media.

“The more acculturated you are, the more you have the same views as the rest of mainstream America, and a lot of folks are distrustful of government,” she said. “They’re not watching Univision, and they’re not getting counter messages in a meaningful way.”

The Pew survey also suggests that a census boycott called by some Hispanic evangelical ministers to protest the lack of immigration reform has been a failure. Only 16 percent said they had heard calls for a boycott.

“We’re not sure why it didn’t gain traction,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, associate director of the Pew Hispanic Center. “We know that when it was announced, there was a very broad effort to counter it.”

Carlos Aragon, general manager of Radio Fiesta, which broadcasts in the Washington area, said many Hispanics consider the boycott “ridiculous.” He also said he hears myths ( If they are Legally in the USA, why would they worry ? ) that the Census Bureau will turn in undocumented immigrants to the authorities.

José Robles, director of Hispanic Ministry in the Phoenix Catholic Diocese, said the concern about census data being handed over to authorities is more pronounced among members of the clergy than it is among parishioners. The diocese has heavily promoted the census, but Arizonans are among those who are slower to return their forms than the national average. ( Historically LARGE numbers of Illegal Immigrants in this State )

The states whose response rates are lagging cut a broad swath through the South and the Southwest.

Steve Hampton
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  1. Delaware Bob permalink
    April 2, 2010 9:39 am

    I believe the illegal aliens should be counted. We have to know how many we have illegally here to get them out of this country and back to their own country with their families. They say our immigration laws are broken. WRONG! Our immigration laws are being broken by the illegal aliens. I’m a little tired of them snubbing their nose at our laws and demonsrtating on our soil and DEMANDING free healthcare, jobs and amnesty.

    Illegal aliens have NO RIGHT to demand anything in this Country. Get them back to their own Country where they have EVERY RIGHT to demand anything they want.

    Get our immigration laws ENFORCED and get these illegal aliens out of this Country. There can be no amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens.

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