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65-year-old Man’s Finger Bitten Off by Obamacare Supporter

March 31, 2010
Marc Schenker

Man Angry Media Ignored Story

Perhaps one of the most staggering stories demonstrating the radicalism and pure danger of those supporting Obamacare (read: socialist takeover of privatized health care) is the unlucky story of one

 Bill Rice, a 65-year-old father of a marine. His story goes back to September of last year, but unless you watch Fox News or read select conservative blogs, you probably never heard of him, but you should. You should because his unlucky story demonstrates to a tee that the fury and radicalism in fact comes from the misguided supporters of Obamacare and not the patriotic demonstrators of movements like the Tea Party, who are merely exercising their right to free speech and protest. Case in point: When have you ever heard of a Tea Party protestor or anyone against Obamacare biting the finger off of an Obamacare supporter, or a black Democrat as he made his way to Congress?! Never! But there is, however, a record of an Obamacare supporter biting Bill Rice’s finger off.

The story continues …..

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