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If Jefferson Was Here

March 30, 2010
Michael LeMieux

[The following is a modern adaptation to Thomas Jefferson and Colonel John Dickinson’s July 6, 1775 document entitled “Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.” After hearing a recommendation and small piece from Mike Church, ( on his radio program, I was interested to read more and thought the readers here would appreciate a founder’s view of our current situation. This is only a fictional look at one writer’s view of how Thomas Jefferson may view our current environment and is not meant to be taken literally. But it is food for thought on what our forefathers endured and how it is as relevant today as then.]

A declaration by the representatives of the United States of North America, now met in Congress at Washington DC, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms.

As has been established since the dawn of this great nation the belief in the equality of all mankind and a belief that no part of the human race should hold absolute property or control by another, nor would our creator esteem that one group would have rightful dominion to oppress the inhabitants of the many states of this great nation and at a minimum would require the central government to provide evidence that the powers currently wielded by this government has been granted to that body.

The story continues …..

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