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Military Service to Cost an Arm and a Leg Under ObamaCare

March 29, 2010
Jayme Evans

As the dust settles over one of the most contentious debates in US history, many of the nation’s veterans are wondering what ObamaCare means specifically for them, given their unique situation and the social compact they made with their government to care for them in return for their service and quite possibly their lives. Considering that there are over 26 million living veterans, most of whom participate in either Veterans Administration health programs or Tricare, any legislation to drastically alter the nation’s health care system will most certainly have an effect on them that is anything but positive.

Three of the essential components of Barack Obama’s government takeover of the US health care system are annual taxes on insurance companies, annual taxes on companies that produce branded prescription drugs and annual taxes on companies that produce durable medical equipment. If you are in the VA or Tricare systems, you can rest assured you will be affected.

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