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20 Million Americans Unemployed: Case For Immigration Moratorium

March 29, 2010
Frosty Wooldridge

Nobody Looks Down The Road To The End Result Of Relentless Immigration

Let’s face it, immigrants over the past 300 years swarmed this pristine continent with reckless abandon. They crushed the Indians and their way of life. Immigrants built mines, factories, cities and constructed a gargantuan civilization.

“We are a nation of immigrants,” shout those in favor of relentless immigration.

However, you never hear, “We are a nation of 300 million immigrants on our way to 400 million and beyond that, we’re headed to 500 million and then, 600 million. What exactly will we do with 600 million people trying to eat, drink and grow food for survival as resources such as water and oil dwindle?”

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  1. March 30, 2010 11:40 pm

    That is what I have been writing about Frosty. They give statistic’s of the highest unemployment with Latino and Black at the top, and at the same time they demand Amnesty? Most of all I am trying to point out to those hung up on Socialism Coming to start looking at real danger because giving out citizenship like a perk is the road to disaster, it dilutes the voting power of the rest of us an will take over the country. That makes worry about socialism a joke. Next we are broke right: so what the ….are we doing giving billions to Israel to make more enemies for us to fight???? Where is the common sense here, I am for stopping all foreign aid except for disaster needs not power grabber.
    Perhaps those tea parties will wake up and start carrying posters stating “don’t insult US citizenship, is not for sale for votes” And “stop using our tax money to fan the flame of hate by ambitious upstart”

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