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HAARP: Weaponizing the Atmosphere and Beyond

March 28, 2010
Jerry E. Smith

A lot of things spooked folks at the end of the last millennium—as this book attests, some of them turned out to be real threats that need to be dealt with now. One of those very real things that went bump on the Internet was the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).

HAARP is a field of antennas on the ground in Southeastern Alaska linked together to work as one giant antenna. Today, it is the world’s largest radio frequency (RF) broadcaster, with an effective radiated power (ERP) of three to four billion watts. It uses a unique patented ability to focus the RF energy generated by the antenna field, injecting it into a spot at the very top of the atmosphere in a region called the ionosphere.

As you can imagine, injecting that much RF energy into a spot about twelve miles across by about two and a half miles deep (by about ninety miles up), heats the thin atmosphere of the ionospheric region by several thousand degrees. HAARP, then, is a type of device called an ionospheric heater.

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