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Part of the Deal? Beck Not Allowed to Emphasize Precinct Solution?

March 26, 2010
via email …..

Perhaps I’m being too critical here – but I would like to call your attention to the difference in the reaction of Glenn Beck on his March 12th, 2010 TV show — to two different statements made on that show by the Florida state coordinator for the 912 project (who is also the 912 national Co-Chair!), Stephani Scruggs.

On March 12, 2010 on the Glenn Beck TV Show, Glenn Beck and three guests did a retrospect on the first year of the 912 project.

As stated above, one of the guests was Stephani Scruggs, the National co-chair for the 912 project, and the Florida State coordinator for the 912 group.

The whole show is on in 5 parts. The relevant part is Part 3 of 5 for this Glenn Beck TV Show on March 12, 2010. And the section I’m talking on that Youtube – takes place from the 6 minute mark to the end of this youtube at the 8 minute mark. You can view it on youtube with this code:


At about 6:37, Stephani Scruggs mentions Pat Wayman of Venice, Florida – and that she has taught people all over Florida how to run for precinct in order to take back the Republican and Democratic parties.

Right after mentioning the Precinct Strategy and Pat Wayman, — Stephani Scruggs mentions that in another county some of the 912 people fought corruption and that their fight led to putting several politicians in jail for cheating the county.

What I want to call to your attention in the above video is the stark difference in Glenn Beck’s reaction to the two revelations by Stephani Scruggs.

With she mentioned the Precinct Strategy and Pat Wayman – Glenn sat as if immobile, no change in expression, no excitement, no smile, no word of encouragement.

On the other hand, when Stephani mentioned the breaking of some corruption in the other Florida County, Glenn lights up like a Christmas Tree and starts to make a big deal of it – really dramatizes it.

Now – I’m all for exposing corruption in one county and putting the guilty in jail – but the PRECINCT STRATEGY if sufficiently understood by the 5 million people who are involved with the Tea Party, the 912 Project, the Campaign for Liberty – and other good groups – could clean up the corruption in ALL the counties, and in Congress, and in the White House.

Now, we know that the Precinct Strategy was not new to Glenn Beck because he had mentioned it on his January 15, 2010 show in reaction to the FRONT PAGE article in the New York Times which appeared on that same day —  which article endorsed the “False Opposition” pop-up Precinct group led by former Cincinnati Mortgage Banker, Phil Glass.


Now, I’m not saying Glenn Beck is not sincere when he talks about wanting to keep America free – because I believe he is.

Besides, the Michael-Chertoff lookin’ Khazar-Russian-“Jews” who control FOX and the other 4 Big TV Networks couldn’t put themselves on TV – because they couldn’t gain the confidence of the vast majority of white middle class America to their False Opposition operations. They need to hide behind clean-cut white middle class lookin’ guys like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

But Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are paid millions of dollars a year, and their books are given full blown publicity to make them Best Sellers – to STAY OFF of certain subjects, and to ridicule anyone who brings up other subjects. They may like or dislike this operation of which they are apart.

They may fully understand the Big Time Wrestling Operation that they are part of, or they may not fully understand it. But they had better toe the line, or they will be out – in the cold.

And one of the subjects it seems to me that they are given to understand that they must stay away from emphasizing — is the Precinct Strategy.

As many of you know, the Precinct Strategy is the only peaceful and constitutional means by which concerned Americans can FIRE the LOCAL COUNTY leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties – and then use those local parties to un-endorse the traitors in Congress — and use those same party structures at the county level to then endorse normal Americans for Congress who want to preserve America – and turn back the New World Order Tyranny.

So why didn’t Glenn Beck jump out of his seat when Stephanie Scruggs mentioned that Pat Wayman had taught 912 people all over Florida how to run for precinct and take back the major parties?

Why didn’t Glenn Beck light up and look in the camera and say, “WOW! If people all over the country would learn about the precinct system like Stephani and Pat Wayman are helping the people of 912 Florida to learn about – we would be on the verge of taking back the nation – we would be on the verge of retiring Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid AND Barack Obama — because running for precinct is the other important activity we all need to do in addition to voting!”

Now, if Glenn Beck had said that – we would be getting somewhere.

BUT – nobody with a big MICROPHONE – ever says that. Not Rush. Not Sean. Not Bill O’Reilly. Not Mike Levin. Not Michael Savage.

Once Laura Ingraham had somebody bring it up on her radio show – and she said, “That’s sounds interesting. Tell me about that.” And they discussed it a minute – but it’s never come up again – certainly not in a way that it’s emphasized to the listeners – like Laura and Sean and Rush and Glenn emphasize for everyone to VOTE.


The reason that they are allowed to tell you to VOTE and “VOTE ‘EM OUT” – is because four big companies intimately intertwined with the 5 Big TV Networks and the Federal Reserve Board – another wing of hierarchy of the Russian-Khazar-Jewish crime syndicate  – are “counting” 99% of our American ballots IN SECRET, with the FULL approval of the leaders of the local Democratic and Republican parties. – So you can’t “vote ‘em out” as long as this super-crooked situation continues.

The super crooks running Diebold, ES &S, Hart, and Sequoia – can fix any key election IN SECRET — as long as this anti-American “vote-counting” system is allowed to remain in place.

THAT is a major reason why we must use the Precinct Strategy to restore honest elections.

Machine free, computer free elections – with the paper ballots counted by the neighborhood citizens at closing time at each polling place – in the open – with all factions and citizens allowed to watch the count. (This would make it impossible for the Crime Syndicate in New York City to fix elections from a central location – which is why they INSIST on keeping it this way – and their local hirelings running your county Democratic and Republican parties, treasonously continue to impose these systems on you.)

By the way, the secret electronic election counts are another subject that Glenn and Sean and Rush and the rest are absolutely NOT allowed to talk about. See “A House without Doors” at – as well as Christopher’s Bollyn’s important article, “How a Private Company Counts are votes on Election Night” – to get the picture of what they are not allowed to talk about.

Lou Dobbs touched this “computerized election” subject, and other forbidden subjects like how Homeland Security was encouraging all out illegal immigration, and Obama’s non-American citizen birth certificate – and Lou Dobbs was told to STOP by the Russian-Khazar-Jews running CNN – so Dobbs decided to walk away from about $20 million and three more years on the air. Dobbs most have figured he was set for life, and he wasn’t going to take it anymore.)


Anyway, Kudos to Stephani Scruggs and Pat Wayman of Florida.

It turns out that Pat Wayman had seen “The Strangest Political Secret” video at – and had pointed 912 Florida leader Stephani Scruggs to it. And the two of them made up an email that went to all the  912ers in Florida, and also Stephanie Scruggs sent it out to all the other 912 leaders in all 49 states. This interjected the Precinct Strategy into the mainstream of the USA. People all over the nation were – and still are – watching “The Strangest Political Secret” thanks to that email.

And, once I saw a copy of that email which was going around the net, I invited Pat Wayman to be the Special Guest on our Monday night “National Precinct Activists” Conference Call on Paltalk.

(Join our meetup to get notifications of these calls, or go to and click the conference call link.)

And that night when 912er Pat Wayman was our guest, we had our largest call ever with 71 people on the call. (The recording of that interview might be available on in the audio archive section.)

Now – neither Pat Wayman nor Stephanie Scruggs had any idea about any of my other political views – like the ones I’m covering in this ewire. It’s just that, once they were clued into the Precinct Solution by the video — they were smart enough to see the difference between rallying only – and rallying with the Precinct Strategy backing up the rallies. And they ran with it. GOOD FOR THEM. And good for Stephani for bringing this up and national TV.

Do you think the you and me and Stephani Scruggs and Pat Wayman – are a lot smarter than Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage, and Mark Levin? I don’t think so.

So why do you think these big Talk Show Hosts can never quite get around to driving home the precinct message to their listeners – like they drive home the idea of voting, and of writing and calling one’s congressman?


In fact, I was being a “real good boy” and staying off all these controversial subjects — because spreading the precinct project to 500,000 Tea Partiers and 912ers was more important than those same people at this point understanding exactly who they are fighting, and what must be done to take back America.

But the combination of my Precinct video, and the setting up of a social networking website for Precinct Strategy people to meet each other by state and county (now at ), AND the email blast on the Precinct Strategy sent out by Pat Wayman and Stephani Scruggs – caused a panic in the Russian-Khazar-Jewish crime syndicate running this country.

When they see something gaining steam that might threaten their control, — one of their tactics is to set up a FALSE OPPOSITION group to mislead the sincere people who are starting to pull together for the good of the country.

And that’s what happened next. A False Opposition leader was propped up by no less than the New York Times, which is the main mouthpiece for the Russian-Khazar-Jewish crime syndicate running this country. (The New York Times has been run for generations by the Russian Jewish family, the Sulzbergers, who somewhere along the lines became “Americans”.)

And this new False Opposition network began to spread smears about me all over the internet, in order to try and destroy my credibility, and the credibility of “The Strangest Political Secret” video. The one true thing they said about me was that I opposed and exposed their criminal network, and they knew they could convince most people in the 912 and Tea Party movements that I was “anti-semitic” because I dared to mention them by name – even though these Russian-Khazar-Jews aren’t even semites.

(See “The Other Israel” by the Rev. Ted Pike as soon as possible to understand why I am identifying these top criminals destroying our country as Russian-Khazar-Jews. “The Other Israel” is free on google video.)

So now, since they’ve opened up the issues I hadn’t been discussing on this Network America ewire and elsewhere in 2009 and 2010 – as the kids say today – “it’s on.”

They’ll continue to try and keep America nice and brainwashed – and running in circles – and I and all the other hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of people who are on to them will continue to try to wake America up – and make sure that all the good people out there don’t get tricked into wasting their money and their efforts on dead end plans.

I’m on the ballot against John Boehner in the 8th district in Ohio – and soon, hopefully, with your help, we’ll be reaching hundreds of thousands of people in the Midwest with some messages over Major Radio stations that will continue to accelerate the take back of America.

Next episode of this Network America ewire:

“Identity Theft: Phil Glass and the New York Times.” And —

* * * * *

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* * * * *

End of this Network America E-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America
PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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  1. Rick permalink
    March 27, 2010 1:51 pm

    The likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and all the other major talking heads on talk radio are nothing more than judas goats. They’ll only address a subject up to a point; just enough to seemingly keep one side of the sheeple feeling their voices are being heard.

    When talk radio, allegedly conservative/constitutionally minded talk radio, either completely ignored Ron Paul, or in some cases referred to him as a loon, they proved to me, at least, how much they believed in the Constitution and how the Republic should function.

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