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The Republicans And Conservatives Are Called Terrorists Again

March 26, 2010
Dr. Laurie Roth

The Drama Queen Democrats are using the usual ‘victim’ ‘Saul Alinsky’ tactics to switch the attacker from the real victims regarding the Health Care legislation.

We all know now there were pay offs to the Pharmaceutical companies, Corn Husker kick backs, Louisiana Purchase and the pay offs two days before the vote to Stupack airports. There were countless pay offs and sell outs but the above were just a few.

Now, Democrats are already linking us with terrorists for disagreeing or fighting this vividly unconstitutional attack on the American people. Rep. Clyburn just said that our disagreeing and fighting the Health care bill is like terrorism. Other Democrats can’t wait to run up to the ‘victim/Saul Alinsky’ microphone and wail about all the violent threats they are receiving from constituents… know, Republicans, Tea Party people, conservatives, those who are against the health care bill…..oh yes…..and Talk Radio people like moi.

The story continues …..

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