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March To Socialism Bothering You? Ask Any Teacher

March 24, 2010
Rabbi Nachum Shifren

If you’re wondering about Obamacare, if you’re scratching your head about the hell-bent march toward Marxism that this country is on, look no further than our schools and the pathetic excuse for what passes for “education.”

WE ARE FRIGGIN BABYSITTERS! There is nobody to tell the students that they need to turn off their i-tunes, CD’s, stop smoking pot or doing drugs, stop gang-banging, stop throwing things at the teacher and fellow students, stop bullying, hitting, intimidating, swearing…in short, we have lost control of our classrooms and schools.

Now, the educrats and the unions don’t want to let you know what’s going on in the classroom. But the reality is that we’re setting up our millions of students for a Marxist take-over of our land. THERE IS SIMPLY NO INITIATIVE, DRIVING IMPULSE TO EXCEL. We’ve defaulted to a “group” mentality, where every student is treated equally. Nobody can fail, it’s “I’m OK, you’re OK”, and then you graduate.

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