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After Nationalizing Health Care, Next They Will Come For Your IRA & Retirement Benefits

March 22, 2010
Ronald Holland

The 10 Step Final Countdown To Retirement Plan Nationalization

“Everything out of Wall Street, Congress and Washington promoting the proposed Obama Administration’s automatic IRA is all about generating a dramatic increase in tax revenues, saving Social Security and bailing out state, municipal, union and federal retirement plans rather than building real retirement security for productive Americans.” – Ron Holland

As the United States travels down the long road from the first limited government republic model of our Patriot Founding Fathers to a Washington style form of fascist national socialism, both health insurance and our private retirement system will eventually be nationalized and much of our retirement wealth confiscated all in the name of protecting us. But in a democracy, unlike total fascist and communist systems, great pillage and wealth attacks by government does not happen over night like Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany against Jewish wealth and property. The same can be said for Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine and forced collectivization and confiscation of all private property and farms. By necessity in a democracy, it is a slow, incremental step-by-step process and this provides the means for American investors to protect and defend their retirement assets.

There is little chance to stop the coming health and retirement plan nationalization because both systems certainly don’t work for the benefit of most Americans. The needs of the American people have been circumvented by the politicians of both parties, the legal system and the greed of Wall Street and the American insurance industry due to their special interest control of Congress. Only a fool would say either the health or retirement system works well or that they represent the best of free-market capitalism. Both industries are simply regulated monopoly interests and the GOP propaganda to the contrary is self-serving rather than a real attempt to fix the problems.

Because of public opinion and the risk of voter outrage like we see today with the Tea Party movement and Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty, the ultimate wealth confiscation goal is the same in our special interest controlled debt democracy as in a totalitarian system but the confiscation time frame is far longer. The population must first be prepared and a number of real or contrived crises must follow to give the excuse for incremental government actions over a number of years.

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