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How to think about the coming healthcare vote

March 16, 2010
Downsize DC

To put you in the proper frame of mind, consider the following bits of history . . .

  • American Revolution: The British won all the early battles, but lost the war
  • Napoleon: He won battles for years and years, but he ended up imprisoned on a rock in the Atlantic ocean
  • American Civil War: The Confederates won constantly in the early years, but they lost the war
  • World War II: The Nazis and the Japanese ran wild at first, conquering vast amounts of territory, but they both lost in the end
  • The Cold War: The Soviets conquered half of Europe during World War II, and the CIA even ended up thinking the Soviet economy would eclipse our own, but the Soviets collapsed in the end, without a shot being fired

We predict the same pattern for our own fight. The Statists have won a lot of battles, but they aren’t going to win the war.

We firmly believe that the Statist mindset — which conjures monstrosities like the current healthcare bill — has no future.

Coercion, and top-down social engineering, do not work. They harm people. They are mistakes. And in the long run, people learn from their mistakes. Thus . . .

Every battle the Statists seem to win, paves the way for them to lose the war. The current healthcare fight could be the next example.

The Democrats seem determined to pass their cancerous healthcare bill. If they do, their apparent victory will turn into defeat at the polls this November. Elections may be lousy for putting the “correct people” into office — because there’s no such thing as a “correct person” to wield power over others — but elections sometimes work pretty well for getting rid of bad people, i.e. incumbents. More importantly . . .

The passage of the healthcare bill, in the face of massive public opposition, will lead to an equally massive public backlash. Indeed, the forces of backlash are already gathering. For instance . . .

So do not despair!

  • We have not yet lost this battle
  • And we will not lose this war

Keep fighting! We’re in the final countdown for the current battle, so please do three things . . .

  1. Send another letter
  2. If your House Rep. is a Democrat, call them and tell them to oppose the healthcare bill. Their office phone number is on the campaign page, once you’re logged-in.
  3. Ask friends to send a letter too

You can borrow from or copy this sample letter, that I sent to my Democratic Representative . . .

President Obama won the Democratic nomination promising that he would not mandate that Americans had to buy health insurance. Apparently, he lied. The President also promised that he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, but the healthcare bill that now carries his name — Obamacare — does just that. Apparently, he lied. Do you think I’m a fool? As my House Rep, I expect you to vote NO on this bill.

And my Senators should pay attention to how angry I am about this bill in particular, and lying, scheming politicians in general.


You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

When you do so you’ll see your House Rep’s number, so you can follow up with a phone call.

Please also get friends to send letters opposing this bill. Time is short.

Thank you for your support, and please also consider making a contribution to expand our reach.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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