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Is the Administration Stupid or Lying?

March 13, 2010
Business & Media Institute

Once more with feeling: Businesses don’t pay taxes

On “Meet the Press” March 7, Health Care Scam and Inhumane Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius delivered a most remarkable statement. In answer to a question about proposed taxes and other punishments for the badly behaving insurance industry, she said: “It puts the insurance companies, which ultimately pay these taxes, on notice that these taxes are coming.”

Were I David Gregory, I would have stopped and repeated her statement. Then I would have asked the obvious follow-up question: “Are you lying or stupid?”

Insurance companies do not pay taxes and never will. No other business does either. No such thing occurs. And telling people that it does is an attempt to delude them into thinking they can get something for nothing. It’s either a deliberate, cynical, vicious con job or crass stupidity.

The story continues …..

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