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Soros buys Ohio ballot fraud

March 12, 2010
Jeff Putman

The Lima News has picked up the story:  “Denied candidate to take case to court”


Hardin County attorney Steve Christopher filed for candidacy in the Republican primary for Ohio Attorney General.  On Feb 18 he filed petitions with 2750 signatures.  1000 signatures are required.

The office of Ohio Secretary of State Jennefer Brunner claims that only 788 signatures were included, and only 638 were valid.

Brunner’s office issued a statement regarding the allegations of mishandling of the petition signatures.


The Christopher campaign responded.



It turns out that Brunner is fulfilling the purpose for which Soros bought her way into office.  On Dec 4, The American Spectator published the article “Soros Eyes Secretaries”


and Page 2 of 2


The article details the connections between Soros and the Secretary of State Project, which boasts of winning the office for Ms Brunner.


On their main page  <>  they boast of winning the Minnesota Secretary of State office for Mark Ritchie.  As you may recall, in 2008 he stole a seat in the U.S. Senate for Al Franken by fabricating hundreds of extra ballots to be counted in the close race against Norm Coleman.  The leftist Minnesota Supreme Court rubber stamped the deal.

They plan to repeat these these feats in every state. THIS IS PART OF A LARGER PLAN TO STEAL –> ALL <– ELECTIONS IN THE USA FROM NOW ON!

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