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Ohio scandal can tip US Senate

March 12, 2010
Jeff Putman

The RINOs are getting especially dirty in Ohio.  And the Democrats are joining the corruption!  Here’s the story:

RINO Mike DeWine – former U.S. Senator, voted out of office in 2006 – has an F rating from the NRA and the Gun Owners of America – one of the “gang of 14” who enabled the Democrats “go nuclear” on the confirmation of federal judges – now wants to run for Ohio Attorney General.

Dave Yost, a county prosecutor, was also running in the Republican primary for Attorney General.  He was the grassroots favorite.  The state GOP (chaired by Mike DeWine’s cousin Kevin DeWine) persuaded Yost to switch to running for Auditor, and endorsed him.  Seth Morgan, CPA, was already running for Auditor.

Dave Yost is not a CPA.  He’s a lawyer.

Steve Christopher, an attorney in private practice for 26 years, then filed to run for Attorney General.  Petitions to get him on the ballot were circulated at tea party meetings throughout the state.  2750 signatures were obtained.

(1000 signatures are required.)

The petitions with 2750 signatures were delivered to the Ohio Secretary of State (Democrat Jennifer Brunner, who is running for U.S. Senate), who claims that only 788 signatures were received, and only 638 were found to be valid, and so Mr Christopher will not be on the ballot.  Ms Brunner claims to have never received ANY petitions from some of the counties where large numbers of signatures were obtained.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  The Democrat Secretary of State has committed blatant fraud in keeping a competitor from appearing on the ballot against a RINO.  Stay tuned.  The Christopher campaign has copies of all the petitions that were turned in.  The tea party people plan to re-gather the people who signed the petitions to demand that their signatures be counted.

The Christopher campaign requests help from all sympathetic Americans similar to the help Scott Brown received in Massachusetts.  The corrupt Sec. of State Brunner is running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring George Voinovich (R) this year.  Let’s provide all the help we can to Steve Christopher and make sure Ms Brunner doesn’t get into the Senate (and hopefully gets into prison where she belongs!)

More info can be found at – Please help give this scandal maximum publicity!

Jeff Putman

Dayton Ohio

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