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Is Nancy Pelosi Just a Tad Too Liberal for America? (Satire)

March 7, 2010
John Lillpop

Run for your bloody lives!

With her hostile capture of the Speaker’s gavel in 2007, Nancy Pelosi shattered the gender barrier, glass ceiling, and incredulity index all in one fell swoop. Since then, Americans have fretted that she may be just a tad too liberal to be second in the succession line for the presidency.

After all, Comrade Nancy does hail from San Francisco—the only American city that tried to join the former USSR, but was rejected because Moscow found folks here too far to the left.

In order to calm the minds of those fearing the worse from Speaker-Queen Pelosi, several common myths and exaggerations concerning San Francisco liberalism must be debunked.

The story continues …..

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