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FDA is the Only Government Agency to Get Budget INCREASE

March 6, 2010
Dr. Mercola

At first glance, this may strike many as good news. And it could be, were it not for the fact that this budget increase will likely place the FDA even further into the drug industry’s pocket.


Because as mentioned in the article, a very large chunk of the 2011 budget increase will come from user fees paid by the drug industry. And this is one of the main reasons why the FDA’s track record for keeping you safely out of harm’s way has failed so miserably over the years.

As I’ve said before, the FDA under its current configuration does more to look out for itself and to protect its clients – the drug industry – than it does to protect you, the consumer. And from the looks of this budget, the coming year is only going to continue the status quo, if not add to the problem.

The story continues …..

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