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Obama’s Tyranny

March 5, 2010
Jefferson Republican Party

Today, in the aftermath of the Health Care ‘debate’, Obama finally exposed himself for the zealot tyrant he is and asked his Democratic ‘playmates’ to ram down our throats a National Health Care Bill through a ‘Reconciliation Process’ that was NEVER designed or intended for this purpose.

Despite overwhelming objection from the people of this country, he will do what he wants and pursue a path of Economic Destruction that will destroy this country.

He and his ilk cannot be that stupid NOT to realize the consequences of their actions.

But as this Confederate and the organization I represent (The Confederate Society of America) has stated over and over ever since he was ‘candidate Obama’, is that he is nothing more than a Socialist/Marxist ideologue whose entire purpose is the hate he has for this country as evidenced by the writings in his books.

While the national media was giving him a free pass he was playing this country all along as the saying goes.

His dirty little lieutenants in Congress were doing his dirty work for him but now he has been forced out from beneath the rock he has hidden under.

Never mind anything that he ever said publicly or what he said that sounded cute & nice (Hope & Change) when he was on his campaign trail- NONE of that matters now other than to render upon this country a Bill that will allow the Federals to be in charge of 1/6 of this Nation’s entire GDP.

How scary is that when they can’t even run a lemonade stand?

Medicare is bankrupt;

Social Security is bankrupt;

The Post Office is bankrupt;

They plagiarized Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac in their quest for supremacy & used political extortion as their means toward their nefarious ends (thanks to Chris Dodd & Barney Frank) and now they too are bankrupt…..and now they want you to believe they are capable of running a National Health Care Plan with your interests and mine as the driving force behind this!

In 1987 they gave 3-million illegals amnesty and NEVER corrected the problem afterward and now we have another 15-million within our borders who have brought with them all kinds of social, economic & criminal problems.

Why wasn’t the problem corrected AFTER 1987?

But NO, it was the same old same old.

Ever wonder if they did correct the problem that perhaps 9-11 may never have occurred !

Its OUT of CONTROL!!!!!!

THEY are OUT of CONTROL!!!!!!

Obama and Congress is OUT of CONTROL!!!!!!

He is an arrogant pup who has NEVER run a business and is a product of the Federal System.

NOT so much as a lemonade stand did he ever run OR manage!

He doesn’t even know how to pronounce the word corpsman!!!!!

My God, it is all so obvious to anyone who has ever been in the trenches.

I invite y’all to Please re-read my communiqué below. It contains excerpts from the original sent in early February with some revisions.

I believe it truly speaks to EVERYTHING.

Folks, we Must Separate- those fools in Washington bought themselves a one-way ticket on the Titanic and are asking each of us to get our cameras ready to take a pretty picture of that ice-berg up ahead…….

ALL Roads Lead to 1865!

For God, Family and the Confederacy,

Craig Maus, president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of the Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.

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