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CPAC 2010 Straw Poll RESULTS: Ron Paul Wins Big

February 21, 2010

This story is amazing. Ron Paul won this poll and just as they did during the FOX news 2008 presidential debate polls here they are once again claiming his win to be meaningless, but this time it’s The Huffington Post that is doing the dirty-work. They point to the fact that Ron Paul had won polls before but did not end with a winning share of votes in the 2008 election. Is it any wonder when the media are constantly discrediting his victories as the result of some trickery (as they do in this article) rather than based on the merit and value of his ideas? What a wasted opportunity to report news and to tell us what his ideas are and why they won in this poll. But instead of news we get the tired old mantra of “he can’t win” from the tired old formula of political news reporting that focuses more on the horse race than on the issues that actually make a difference in our lives.

The story continues …..

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  1. larry hagedon permalink
    February 22, 2010 12:13 pm

    Ron Paul is very good at gaming these polls. So he won with 31 percent. The problem is he is so good at getting his troops out for these things that those same 31 percent are about all the votes he has.

    I saw Ron Paul in action in the Iowa straw poll, in 2008 I believe it was. Talk about a scofflaw, he should have been thrown out of the event.

    I have seen his people scam on line polls countless times by each voting hundreds or thousands of time. He sure does know every way there is to cheat a poll.

    Assuming his people did not vote multiple times, 31 percent of the Republicans attending the poll will translate to perhaps 5 percent real support when going head to head against a Democrat in November.

    Just remember that he lost by 69 percent.

  2. February 22, 2010 8:41 am

    Good Post…Enjoyed!

    A Government of Fraud…

    Because of crimes against Common men, women and children of the United States, the Congress and the Senate are both impotent and sterile. The leader of a Free America is reduced to an impotent Used Car salesman (and we all know that we cannot trust used car salesmen).

    We are in a dangerous situation! We are at war with Religious Fanatics. Our arm-forces are scattered throughout the world. We can find our soldiers near Oil Fields and predictable Oil Routes (pipe-lines across Afghanistan). The cost of this war has quickly dropped the USA (us) into poverty And! We also have dangerous and Christian Religious Fanatics. The separation of Church and State is in what country or planet. Not ours and never ours!

    We print more worthless money. We jump across the abyss of Debt only to fall into a poorly planned Economy and the erosion of Freedom.

    Still! No Health Plan, No Job creation, No Peace and since Ronald Reagan’s eight year turn towards a harsh ultra-right winged Presidency, our Freedom has been replaced by today’s fear and poverty.

    Note: By 2012 it is projected that our ”no work condition” will last another (2-3 years). Truth-not a never-ending parade of lies spreading and continued by our elected representatives in both the Local and National scenes. Is this True! You tell me…Will our arm-forces be the only available job for our young people.

    Like Rome? Roman armies were scattered across the known world. Like Rome? Their politicians were worthless! Like Rome? Will our country fail to save its people from a swift attack from China, from China…Again! You explain away the fear…Oops! Another lie?

    In hindsight, America has never been free. Capitalism represents a runaway creator of Poverty and Financial Murder and the Greed of Destruction.

    The New Revolution is both with us and against us. We are dealing with lies since Thomas Jefferson wrote a portion of the Constitution. “All men are created equal,” except for his own slaves? Equality is a dead-end. Outsource our needs to a country with harsh governments and slave workers.

    Yes! Tis the “Greed of Destruction” that has already destroyed the US of A. The New Revolution has started and we will never stop…Shame on us…Shame on our rulers. Lies and Lies and Lies and Lies.

    Somewhere in this expanding Universe, Truth and Equality are realities. So! “Let Freedom Ring.”

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