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Going To The Roots Of The Problem Part 1 Of 4

February 21, 2010
Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, a certain nation was one of the richest countries in the world. [World War II] had left it a creditor nation; it was owed * * * billion[s of] dollars by Britain alone. The derelict state of the European economies gave [this country] an assured market for its exports, while making it difficult to import much from Europe, thus enabling th[is] country to protect its own * * * industries. After the neglect of the thirties there was money for public spending and the country was * * * absorbing a flow of immigrants * * * [who] were not illiterate and unskilled, but scientists, skilled workers, intellectuals.

What country was this? The United States? No—Argentina.

The story continues …..

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