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Give Up The Revenues

February 20, 2010
Bill Potter
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In recent weeks the attacks by local, state and federal governments against those who choose to use tobacco products have increased on an unprecedented scale. From anti-smoking TV ads, to some states positioning Revenue Agents on their borders in order inspect the vehicles of those who buy tobacco products from outside their state. These acts are unconstitutional, and infringe upon the rights of the individual.

These acts are also immoral and unfair. The only basis most local and state governments give for attacking tobacco is the fact that it is unhealthy. Though tobacco products may have an ill effect upon the user, it does no harm to anyone other than the user. This is quite the opposite of alcohol, which kills thousands every year.

No one has ever witnessed a smoker beating his wife or children because he smoked too much. No one has ever witnessed an accident where several were killed because of a smoking driver. Yet, every day, many are beaten due to alcohol consumption, and thousands die on our highways due to drunkenness. However, the state, federal and local governments prefer to act as if none of these events ever occur. Alcohol is rarely attacked as being unsafe and dangerous, rather tobacco is attacked upon these grounds.

If local and state governments are serious about how concerned they are regarding the health and well being of their citizenry, then they need to take a hard stand to show how devoted they are to their anti-tobacco crusade.

We, the members of the Jefferson Republican Party, call upon all state, local and federal governments to cease from collecting taxes upon tobacco products. If these governments are truly concerned about the health of their citizens, then it would be best to show this commitment by giving up the enormous revenues collected from tobacco taxes. This action would be a firm stand and show the people how concerned they really are. By continuing to accept these tobacco revenues, governments are only showing their people that their only concern is how much money they can make off their citizens.

Jefferson Republican Party of the United States of America

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