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Coldest Winter Ever Amid Global Warming Crisis…Or Conspiracy?

February 18, 2010
Xelan Bonn

As warnings of one the most deadliest and freezing winters in US history sweeps news airwaves, we might ask ourselves, where is all that so called Global Warming the United Nations and Al Gore have been touting?

Although virtually everything out of Gore’s mouth has now been discredited by both journalists and top scientists as well as whistleblowers—remember when he said the polar bear was threatened and proof arose showing the polar bear populations were the strongest in recorded history—we have to ask ourselves why? Why was Gore and the UN so strongly trying to sell the now proven farcical science of global warming to the world?

Fortunately, in this age of the educated citizen turned temporary journalist, we know the answer—the pursuit of global government.

The story continues …..

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