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Nevada Tea Party Bolts the GOP and Glenn Beck

February 17, 2010
Jane Hamsher

It’s clear that the Sarah Palin social conservatives and the Neocons are somewhat less than interested in handing the GOP over to the Ron Paul libertarians, and “populist hero” Glenn Beck did their dirty work. I guess the Tea Party folks are welcome to wave anti-Obama signs for the Fox cameras, but if they actually want to challenge any of the party brahmins — well, hands off.

The story continues …..

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  1. Bill Hatley permalink
    March 30, 2010 10:48 am

    It would be a big mistake to let Sarah Palin to lead the Tea Party after she
    supported John McCain the amnesty king.
    The Tea party has a very good team working to serve the people don’t let
    it slip away.Palin supporting Perry in Texas and he is for open borders and
    the super highway across Texas is his .
    Folks you have a chance to put together a good slate of Americans that will
    represent the people.Career Politicians have caused the present problems
    and think the constitution is just a piece of paper,
    Bill H

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