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Half of All Immigrant Families on Welfare!

February 12, 2010

Suspend Budget-Busting Immigration

Half of all immigrant households with children are on welfare. HALF! These are supposed to be people doing “jobs Americans won’t do.” Sounds more like they’re collecting government benefits U.S. citizens can’t get!

President Obama, Senate Leader Reid, and Speaker Pelosi, we call on you to SUSPEND all future non-essential immigration.

The federal budget deficit—$1.4 Trillion and rising—can’t afford to pay out Medicaid and food stamp benefits to more poor immigrants that America obviously does not need.

And yet, all of you are calling for INCREASED immigration and even an AMNESTY for illegal aliens! Your judgment is badly flawed! Higher immigration and amnesty will cause taxes and deficits to rise.

It’s time for you to admit that your ideas about immigration are out-of-date and destructive. Suspend non-essential immigration now!

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