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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Think Things Through

February 9, 2010
William Norman Grigg

During the so-called McCarthy Era, Frank Chodorov – an Old Right individualist of the Jeffersonian school – offered a simple and effective solution to the problem presented by Communist infiltration of various federal agencies: “The only thing to do, if you want to rid the bureaucracy of Communists, is to abolish the bureaucracy.”

Despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that this prescription would have worked perfectly, it has been resisted by most conservatives, from that era until the present, who have seen nothing wrong with expanding the power and reach of government agencies as long as they were in the “right” hands.

Statist conservatives rarely if ever advocate “the dismantling of the public trough at which these [Communist-aligned] bureaucrats feed,” Chodorov pointed out, because “[t]hey too worship Power.”

The story continues …..

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