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Foreclosures Are Making The Majority Home Sales

February 5, 2010
Dr. Laurie Roth

We were told that the hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars that went to banks was to stimulate the economy and help hold off in part, the out of control numbers of foreclosures on homes. In Obama’s first year as President, we have seen record unemployment at over 10%, record foreclosures and bankruptcies as well. However, the economy has just gotten worse and worse as more and more stimulus money has been spent. Naturally, it is all Bush’s fault.

Foreclosures were at record highs in 2009, 21% higher than 2008 and 120% higher than 2007.

So, what is causing all the foreclosures? Are the banks the victims with so many being encouraged to get bad loans who couldn’t afford homes?

The story continues …..

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  1. Rev Reggie Jackson permalink
    February 5, 2010 7:32 pm

    Something is not adding up here. I just heard 3 days ago that there are more people on the unemployment rolls than ever before. Now Obama is announcing that the unemployment numbers are going down due to the stimulus package that we gave the International Bankers. And then I heard that there are 15 million Americans that have been out of work for 7 plus months. And then the Banksters have said repeatedly that they will not tell us where they have put the money. And then I have heard that they are not making loans to small businesses. And then I heard that Bernacke and Geitner will remain in power.

    All of this can only mean one thing. Obama is a New World Oder Banker shill and puppet of the puppet masters. And that they also own and control and run 95% of all the news media!

    But don’t worry!! Their place in hell will be horrible; as they will be screaming and hollering and saying, “Did we really think that there was no God!!?? Did we really think that if there was a God that He didn’t care and wasn’t concerned about the affairs of mankind!!?? We were terribly wrong!! And now we have to pay and dreadfully cost that will be extremely unbearable for us forever and ever!! aaaahhh!! aaaaaahhhh!! aaaahhhh!! Oh how foolish we were to go against this Almighty God and His holy angels!! aaahhhhhh!! We are surely doomed!!””

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