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Exposing the Dems latest Scheme to Pass ObamaCare

February 4, 2010
Steve Elliott

From the Desk of:

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Don’t buy the lie. Socialized healthcare reform is not dead. The Democrats latest scheme exposed. See below. — Steve

Dear Patriot,

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Grassfire Nation team, our ObamaCare ballot issue was an unmitigated success. In all, more than 330,000 were received and are now being hand-delivered by our team to every Congressional office on Capitol Hill this week!

But the battle to defeat ObamaCare is not over…

In fact, despite reports that Democrats have moved healthcare reform to the back burner in favor of Obama’s jobs mandate, CBS News is reporting that healthcare is still very much alive with this latest break giving them a chance to regroup.

The story continues …..

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  1. February 6, 2010 3:22 pm

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  2. Rev Reggie Jackson permalink
    February 5, 2010 8:19 pm

    Yes we did fight these devils very hard. But like you said, the battle is not over because Peloski said that they will hack the bill up and put it in other smaller bills and that is the way that her and her traitorous and new world order globalist antichrist buddies will do it!! And in the Health Care bill is the Mark of the Beast chip that they will be putting in peoples forehead or hand to bring them under their draconian and satanic control !! For that chip will be a RFID (Radio Frequency Internal? Device) that will change your brain waves in weeks and turn you into one of their zombie slaves of their antichrist beast system and you will eventually worship lucifer and reject and hate Jesus Christ.

    But for their punishments; God will send His plagues upon them and all of their stolen trillions of dollars won’t be able to secure them and deliver them from their horrible sufferings!! Not to mention the great like a fire and brimstone that will have them hollering and screaming and saying, “We have been in this unimaginable pain and suffering in this great lake of fire and brimstone for 1 million years now!! And we haven’t had any relief!! When will it be all over!!?? When will this excessive pain stop!!?? How long Lord shall we suffer for the murders and genocides and torturings that we did to those on the Earth!!?? aaaahhhh!! aaaahhhhh!! How I wish I could die; and can’t!! aaaahhh!!””

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