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Plea to help the Gayle Harrell campaign

February 4, 2010

Hello Immigration Enforcement Supporter,

There are two things you can do to help an extremely strong pro-enforcement candidate win back a Florida House seat.

  1. Donate to the Gayle Harrell campaign. Details follow.
  2. If you live near Jensen Beach, help Gayle Harrell on a precinct walk this Saturday, February 6th. Details follow.

When Gayle Harrell was the District 81 Florida Representative she was incredibly helpful with pro-enforcement state immigration legislation. Gayle then lost a disappointing bid for a US House seat in a very close race. She is seeking to take back Florida House District 81 seat. It is of state-wide importance that she win so we have a true ally next year, especially when considering the abysmal reluctance of our current elected officials to support E-Verify.

We, myself included, did not do enough to help her in her bid for the US House seat. We must not let happen with her Florida House campaign! As was shown recently in Massachusetts one winning candidate can make a huge difference.

I am personally endorsing Gayle Harrell as are other prominent pro-enforcement activists such as John C. Oliver. Gayle has my upmost respect as she is everything we could want in a candidate; knowledgable, honest, and actively concerned about Florida’s future.

Take a look at the video Gayle Harrell on Illegal Immigration: “Straight Talk” which was posted for her US House bid.


Please donate whatever you can to:

Gayle Harrell Campaign

P.O. Box 9508

Port St. Lucie, FL 34985

Office Telephone: (772) 692-1223


Web site: (Will be functioning soon)

Include your name, address, phone number, email address and occupation.

Precinct Walk:

The precinct walk will be in Jensen Beach (just South of Port St. Lucie) this Saturday, February 6, 2010. Please attend if at all possible. Details follow.

As citizens we are ultimately responsible for our government so please help! Pass on this message to others too.

Best regards,

David W. Caulkett (FLIMEN VP, for identification purposes only)

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