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Leftwing Thought and Speech Control Infects GOP

February 3, 2010
Paul Gottfried

ELIZABETHTOWN, PA — GOP operatives again fell on their noses trying to be more PC than the Democrats

Their war on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for saying in private that President Obama was well positioned in 2008 because he is “a light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one” turned into something truly tasteless. Although Reid apologized to the President for his “poor choice of words,” there was nothing outrageous in what he said, particularly in a private conversation. I heard quite a few observations similar to Reid’s from my impeccably leftist academic associates during the presidential campaign. Despite his left-leaning position as a senator, lots of Americans, I was told, would vote for candidate Obama because he seemed like a non-threatening black. White voters would feel good about themselves if they had the chance to vote for such a pleasant-sounding minority candidate.

The story continues …..

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