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CMR Charts Results of Proposed “LGBT Law” for the Military

February 3, 2010
Center for Military Readiness
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Extreme Social Engineering Not a Pretty Sight

In the past 18 months the Center for Military Readiness has repeatedly analyzed in well-documented detail how the proposed new “LGBT Law” for the military would work in actual practice. To make the information more manageable, we have drawn a “picture” in our January 2010 CMR Policy Analysis titled:

Consequences of the Proposed New “LGBT Law” for the Military

The CMR Policy Analysis uses few words, but every “box” placed on the charts highlights complicated social realities and problems that, taken together, would impose a crushing weight on the men and women of our military. The flow-chart diagrams demonstrate how radical and problematic mandatory implementation the new LGBT Law would be.

CMR encourages opinion leaders, media commentators, members of Congress and Pentagon officials to consider the wide-ranging, open-ended consequences of the proposed “LGBT Law.” This CMR Policy Analysis draws a picture that is not a pretty sight.

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