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State of the Obama Message: Blame Everyone but, the Dictator-in-Chief

February 2, 2010
Sher Zieve

“Nothing I do wrong is my fault” speech

Like some angry fop from the 15th century Court of one of the King Louis’, Obama’s now almost perpetually (and literally) upturned elitist nose-in-the-air precedes him most of the times he agrees to indulge in speaking engagements for his unwashed masses.

As if the stench from the American people—his underlings—is just too much for his haughty and recently ‘refined’ community-organizing sensibilities to bear, let alone accommodate, Barack Hussein Obama is increasingly telling the world that he is above reproach. And—if one does not believe this bigger-than-life-being-in-his-own-mind—he is in the process of developing goon squads to remind you and keep you/us in line.

The story continues …..

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