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Operation Wetback

January 28, 2010
Jon Christian Ryter

Three times in the history of the United States US Presidents took what would today be considered a politically unpopular position by rounding up and deporting illegal aliens to create jobs for US Citizens. The first attempt occurred shortly after the banker-induced Stock Market Crash of 1929 when President Herbert Hoover ordered the round-up and deportation of illegals by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service. The program, dubbed “Operation Wetback,” was carried out without any protests from US government-funded Hispanic advocacy groups—since there were none. The Clintonesque-liberal media political correctness dictionary was still 63 years in the future and the communist-left FDR (America’s white Barack Obama) federal bureaucracy was still some 4-years in the making.

The story continues …..

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  1. March 15, 2010 3:42 pm

    They need deported now, and secure our borders. Some are ok, good workers, but send them home. To many U.S. jobs have gone overseas, and then there is NAFTA. Remember Zebco Fishing Reels? Gone overseas, Shiefield Bailing wire, fence posts, barbed wire, ect. ect. ect. Caterpellar some tractors are assembled in Japan.
    Americans have enough on their plates, without funding WetBacks.
    If they come hear through the Leagle System, then they need to learn to speek English.
    I was in McDonalds this morning,(you know where I’m going) and I asked the girl (an American), if she spoke English? She said “yes”. I said I’m being sarcastic, she didn’ smile! In the background Mexican music was on the radio.
    I’m Finished.

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