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“Original Intent” Documentary Affirms Freedom

January 27, 2010
Patrick Krey

Filmmaker James Jaeger’s 2006 documentary Fiat Empire (available in its entirety free online) was an educational and informative film that accurately summed up a difficult topic for those unfamiliar with the machinations of the Federal Reserve and its detrimental effect on our nation. His latest effort, Original Intent: How Negative Influences are Destroying the U.S. Republic, is a much more ambitious effort that tries to tackle a far broader range of issues.

In fact, the documentary is so sweeping that it not only tries to cover nearly every issue facing our nation but it also attempts to tie them together. Running well over three hours long (the film is on two separate DVD discs), Original Intent focuses on what it contends are two negative influences threatening to destroy the American Republic: 1) Cultural Marxism and 2) Corporate Fascism. To back up its contentions, Original Intent features interviews with such iconic figures as former presidential candidate and political pundit Pat Buchanan, Moviguide founder Ted Baehr, writer and libertarian activist G. Edward Griffin, constitutional expert Edwin Vieira, and Congressman Ron Paul.

The story continues …..

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