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Debra Medina’s New Campaign Ad

January 26, 2010

Official Campaign Website:

Debra Medina is one of us, not one of the political elite like Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry. Debra has home schooled two children while working as an RN, and has built a business from the ground up. She knows what it means to work hard and pay bills. Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison are career politicians who have forgotten what it’s like to be one of We Texans.

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  1. Eve Marie permalink
    March 1, 2010 1:03 pm

    I agree, Bush was too inept to pull off 9/11. Medina doesn’t think Bush did it either. People can’t find any “real” dirt on her, so they must grasp at straws. I think Medina being married and having children with a Hispanic husband, would have a great understanding of the LEGAL culture.
    Furthermore, our state is in a mess under Perry. Without the $12 Billion federal stimulus, we’d be in the red now. Next year we will be. He’s done nothing but talk about the border. He is a liar and needs to go. He vetoed the most important eminent domain bill and forced vaccines on our childred after taking money from the manufacturer.

    Medina is a refreshing new choice, and has already got my vote.

  2. E Howard Bailey permalink
    March 1, 2010 12:48 pm

    Debra Medina is a Ron Paul truther nutter.

    Once and for all, neither Bush nor the government had anything to do with 9/11. It was the d*mn Muslim butchers taking their commands from the Koran to kill and conquer for ‘Allah’ and nobody else.
    It’s impossible for the government to have planned this and all its numerous and varied departments to keep the secret.
    The government is simply not competent to pull off an attack of that magnitude and have there be no evidence of it for 8 years, no witnesses, and no whistle-blowers.
    Don’t you think somebody, somewhere would have spilled his guts, just out of a guilty conscience? Now I believe the government would cover up the fact that they screwed up and didn’t detect the threat, might have been duped into allowing the perps to skate existing PC laws etc- but to engineer and actually pull off 9-11? Anybody who believes this, I question their mental stability.


    For starters look up Debra Medina’s column ‘Latinos and the GOP’

    ‘It’s a shame isn’t it, that Republicans continue to ignore Hispanics especially here in Texas?’ Debra Medina

    ‘Ignore them’, Mrs Medina? Since when? What more do you want? Or shouldn’t we ask?

    Medina ad:
    “Who is going to think more about Latino families? Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison or me, who has a Latino family?” (Medina’s cultural heritage is German and Bohemian.)

    Medina statement “Being married, however, to someone with a Mexican American heritage, I certainly embrace the culture.”

    Another statement (upon being asked if she considers herself a latina: “I’d not consider myself anything other than a wife and mother, a nurse and a patriot. I believe we too often get into race when it’s immaterial.” Oh, yeah, Median? Isn’t that what we thought about racist Obama?

    No, Thanks, Mrs Medina.

    I’m sick and tired of illegals flooding into Texas, bringing with them crime, third world diseases, sucking our welfare system dry AND WHINING FOR MORE!

    I don’t believe for one minute Medina’s propaganda wanting to strengthen the border!


    Medina is about as qualified to be Governor as zero was to be President- want to re-visit how that is working out? She’s a Libertarian running on the Republican ticket. She is supported by the Ron Paul worship crowd and she herself has acted in the Ron Paul worship capacity. She has demonstrated a lack of knowledge about Texas law and current ballot initiatives.

    No, thanks, I’ll stick with ‘ol RINO Perry.
    In answer to the poster as to why we keep electing the same world order RINOS: What other choice is there?
    A RINO woman (Hutchison)who threw a cog into the works that prevented the U.S/Mexico fence from being built and a Ron Paul Libertarian truther with questionable loyalties?
    Or maybe we should all just throw in the towel and vote for the ‘Democrat’ Muslim from Houston who is running.

    Texas has remained in better shape than almost any if not all of the states in the union under Perry’s watch. As someone said, ‘he’s the devil we know’.

    She is weaseling to avoid alienating her nutter base.
    She is a Libertarian running on a Republican ticket. She’s a Ron Paul advocate and those two facts alone should have been enough to cancel her out- but apparently they didn’t. Now maybe Texans will wake up to what she is.

  3. Eve Marie permalink
    January 26, 2010 10:42 pm

    I just want to say, that we need to give Debra Medina and her campaign all of the prayers and support we can muster! Americans are sick and tired of being lied to by the people we elect. It’s time for “one of us” with the good ole’ Constitution as her backbone to start undoing the damage that has been done to our state and our country. VOTE DEBRA MEDINA IN THE PRIMARY!

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