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Obama Warned Is Main Target Of CIA Coup

January 24, 2010
Sorcha Faal

Unfortunately for the American people, who in 1933 were protected from the destruction of their Nation by the heroic, and most decorated Marine in American history, US Marine General Smedley Butler (who was recruited by the Wall Street coup plotters to lead the overthrow of Roosevelt but, instead, turned against them) today have only their former Presidential candidate, and current US Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul warning them of what is occurring, and as we can read from Dr. Paul’s own words spoken to a gathering of his followers this past week:Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is nearing its “end game move” against their “main target” President Obama in what they state, “for all intents and purposes”, will be the most successful coup of a major power in modern history rivaling the attempted overthrow of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 by these same “right wing forces” in what was known as the “Business Plot”.

The story continues …..

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