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There Is No Freedom of Choice in America

January 24, 2010
Don Cooper

We have no freedom of choice in America; it’s an illusion. The federal and state governments regulate every single market in this country which means that everything any American thinks he is freely choosing is something that in fact has been “approved” by the state for American consumption and Americans may only “choose” from that list. Choosing something not on the “approved” list is considered criminal and can result in one losing their freedoms altogether. That’s not freedom of choice, that’s state control of people’s lives. If the last two sentences were said in the context of a communist regime, no one would hesitate to nod acceptingly, but when uttered in the context of the U.S. government, they are considered to be conspiratorial and paranoid, but are true just the same.

How many people have been arrested and imprisoned for selling goods and services that are not “approved” by the federal government? Our prisons are full of such people who have harmed no one socially, economically or physically but whose freedom has been taken away by the state for giving people real choice. If one were to see such a scene in a movie about communist Russia, no doubt Americans would cringe and utter something about the abusive nature of communism. When it happens in the U.S. then Americans assume the person in question must have deserved it otherwise why would he be in prison.

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  1. January 24, 2010 4:40 pm

    I am proud to be a third generation AMERICAN VETERAN . Even so , most of the senior adults I know , have told me AMERICA’s voting process is a joke . WE VOTE ANY WAY . YOU WanT PROOF ? Why does a state delegate have to tell me who I am allowed to vote for . The media pumps up who congress is going to put in Washington . My first choices , were from both parties . They were both prclaiming the same programs . Both were put out early . Today I follow NO POLITICAL PARTY , BECAUSE IT IS ALL THE SAME . JOHN MCCAIN , DID NOT LOOSE THE ELECTION . AMERICA MUST GO BACK TO GOOD OLD FASHION PAPER BALLOTS . IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKE TO COUNT THEM . HIRE MORE COUNTERS . I AM GRATE TO LIVE IN AMERICA , AT LEAST I HAVE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM , FOR THE MOMENT . PRAISE GOD .

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